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We Are Committed To Effective Therapeutic Outcomes For All

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Our Pipeline

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Our Clinical Trials

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Our Division's Mission Is to Support Therapeutic Access for Effective and Inclusive Outcomes

Diving deep into enormous data sets, we're centrally focused on creating the therapies broad communities are needing.



Cohort study on patients leading to severe cases of MS


Infectious/rare Disease

Condition characterization study of patients diagnosed with Disease X.


Neglected Tropical Diseases

Cohort study on Dengue Fever



Collaborative study on the impact of inflammatory diseases to risk factors of cardiovascular disease

Our Product Pipeline

Rubix's clinical-stage pipeline is based on synthetic regenerative compound molecules for the treatment of targeted regions with strong potential to evolve the intersection of implantable combination devices. Studies suggest that these compounds may facilitate physical interactions between synthetic and organic receptors that result in enhanced activity, offering new potential for a variety of diseases with unmet needs.

Our Clinical Trials

Deep scientific and clinical understanding drive our approach to clinical development. Our strategy is to identify synergistic indications and to pursue treatments for conditions where there are a large unmet medical need and a high potential for a meaningful benefit with gene therapy.

Better Health Outcomes is Our Mission

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