We Are Committed To Effective Therapeutic Outcomes For All

Dedicated to developing therapeutics that are prevalent in under-represented patient populations.

Our Division’s Mission Is to Support Therapeutic Access for Effective and Inclusive Outcomes.

Diving deep into enormous data sets, we’re centrally focused on creating the therapies broad communities are needing. 

Disease Target Areas




Infectious Disease


Neglected Tropical Diseases


Rare Diseases



Our Pipeline

Rubix’s pipeline promises to improve patients’ outcomes and support the healthcare systems by enabling access to better care for underrepresented patients. The lead candidate, Project Hercules, is a proprietary first-line combination product targeting Osteonecrosis and similar orthopedic diseases. 

Project Icarus is developed for the targeted therapy for brain cancer and tumors, such as DIPG for pediatric cases and GBM.

In addition, Rubix LS continues to expand its strong product pipeline with other products in preclinical development.

Our Clinical Trials

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“Learning about how StarSense has really helped me get into two hypertension studies has really eased my worries for my health.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what clinical trials are all about.”

Brett Vasquez


Better Health Outcomes is Our Mission

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